A Mighty Fine Memory

Roger Howell Documentary at Altamont Poster

Fiddler Roger Howell is a cultural treasure recognized throughout Western North Carolina for his skill as a musician, his generosity as a teacher, and his prodigious memory as demonstrated in his contribution of 532 fiddle tunes comprising the “Roger Howell Memory Collection” to Mars Hill University’s Southern Appalachian Archives. Not only this “Memory Collection,” but also all of Mr. Howell’s performances and lessons, are full of stories about the people who taught him this music, the “old people” of his youth. The many ways that Roger Howell has immersed himself in the music of this region since his childhood make his story one worthy of sharing with the wider world. This film will tell this story to a broad audience in a way that complements Mr. Howell’s efforts to preserve knowledge about traditional music, while placing that music in its context within Appalachian culture.

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Photos from our adventures in filming!


Roger in Shop




Highlights from Winter’s Tune : Music to Warm An Appalachian NightWT17DSC_0553DSC_0591DSC_0586WintersTune1WT10WT9WT8WT6WT11WT12WT7WT4WT3WT2WintersTune1BRMT_logo_color Proud to be part of Campaign

This project is made possible by a grant from the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Partnership.


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