Demonstrators and Exhibitors

During the Lunsford Festival the Upper Quad at Mars Hill University is buzzing with activity.  From apple butter to pottery, molasses to Cherokee crafts, kids games to learning about honey bees, there is something for everyone.  With information tables about local initiatives, classes, and more, you will find plenty to keep you busy as you soak up the fall season, fine dancing, and traditional music of Madison County.

We offer some space for individuals to provide local craft demonstrations and sales, however if you are interested in primarily selling, moreso than offering an educational demonstration, you might prefer to contact The Madison County Heritage Festival Director, Rodney Bowling at:

H: 828-689-4353

Otherwise, please contact the Liston B. Ramsey Center for more information about the Bascom Lamar Lunsford Festival.

Thank you for your interest!


2 thoughts on “Demonstrators and Exhibitors

  1. I am interested in a craft booth for the festival. I have participated in the past. Please send me the information. Thanks!

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