Course Information

Course Summary

Enjoy the budding of Spring in the mountains while running one of the region’s most musical races! This beautiful 5k course begins under the Mars Hill University Archway on College Street near the Upper Quad of campus. It rolls through the quiet streets surrounding this small mountain town before winding through campus to finish where it started.

Turn for Turn

  1. Start/Finish under the Mars Hill University Arch on College Street near Cornwell Hall—the Site of Bascom Lamar Lunsford’s birthplace
  2. L on Main Street
  3. L on Bruce Street
  4. L on Bailey Street
  5. Take R just past Athletic Street onto campus sidewalk in front of Renfro Library
  6. L at HWY 213/Cascade Street (stay on sidewalk)
  7. L on Main Street
  8. L on College Street, back under the Archway to FINISH!

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